Aeroaltai, is a company created to satisfy the needs of customers who see private aviation as an strategic business tool. We understand that efficiency, productivity and versatility are key factors for success. Aeroaltai is managed under the highest standards in security, comfort and confidentiality.

Luxury, Comfort and Efficiency

During flight: prepare, discuss and improve your business strategy without interruptions.


Either business or pleasure

National flights

Either for business or pleasure

Comfort and Security

The highest confidentiality in their transfers

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We can prepare your flight in as low as 2 hours

Personalized attention to details

Whether for business or pleasure

Available 24/7 year round

Available 24 hrs. 365 days a year

Expedite access

We operate from the most important FBO in Guadalajara, Jalisco


Why fly with AeroAltai is your best choice?
  • No additional charges

    We don't charge additional expenses to the ones given in the quotation.
  • Established flight times to each destination

    There will not be additional charges in case more time is flown.
  • Free parking

    Lot inside the FBO facility with security 24/7.
  • Tax deductible

    100% tax deductible.
  • Courtesy

    Of bottled water, ice, coffee and tea in each flight.
  • We offer flight hour packages

    Call us and we will make a package to fit your needs.


Meet our facilities


The Pilatus PC-12 has earned an extraordinary reputation for its versatility, performance and reliability.

Its turbine, a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67B, makes it the most efficient turboprop aircraft of modern aviation, the pilatus PC-12 safety record is exceptional. The direct operation cost of the Pilatus PC-12 is 1/3 lower than its competitors; this makes it more convenient and accessible for you and your company.



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