Using a private ‘jet’ to become more profitable

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in January 2000, the board of the company gave a private plane. Specifically, a Gulfstream V jet. A present that was evidence that the manager’s time was gold for Apple. But how far you will save time and gain in productivity as companies opt for the private jet? The association claimed that American business aviation companies that had used it 22% more revenue and were 40% more profitable. Analyze this sector in our country has been the target of study Opportunity executive aircraft for the Spanish company and business, prepared by Gebta Spain, which represents the main group of corporate travel agency, and Europair, specializing in the as air transport.

According to the study, presented yesterday, private flights are 44% more expensive, but the ratio of productive hours of total travel time may be twice that in commercial aviation. “The bill conceals a company in terms of wages and lack of productivity can reach 65% of the journey.”

The report’s authors stress the potential savings of the private jet: “Taking into account the hidden costs of travel, you can save up to 55% on certain flights”.

Advocates of business aviation attributed time savings and flexibility, efficiency destinations without connections, capacity to respond to opportunities, increased life balance, greater guarantees in geographic areas that involve risk and confidentiality as anyone but his team hear the strategy geste in the cabin.