The exclusivity of traveling in a private jet

Besides conventional airlines in recent years it has increased the number of flights made aboard private jets, property of companies or individuals.

Such devices include, in general, big business, elite athletes, movie stars and television, as well as specialized companies. Last year there were 32,636 aircraft worldwide privately owned , which differed in:

Jets (18,874). Aircraft powered reactors.
Turbo (13,762). propeller-driven aircraft.

If we consider that the current fleet of aircraft worldwide, is around 65,000 units , we conclude that more than half of the airplanes are privately owned.

Nearly 56% of all private airplanes are registered in United States (18,287) . Europe is the second largest continent with more instances of this kind, followed closely by emerging countries.

In Spain there are currently 179 private jets. In 2008 there was more movement in the sector, with more than 70,000 passengers on 45,000 flights. The airport of Torrejon de Ardoz, in Madrid, hosted the busiest in the country, with 35% of domestic flights. This figure, however, is far from that recorded in the busiest airport in the world for private flights, the Van Nuys in Los Angeles. Last year I had more than 259,000 takeoffs and landings .

What is the most demanded plane?

The private jet most used in the business world is the Cessna Citation XLS +. Its starting price, which can be increased with many modifications, is 12.75 million per unit. Up to 9 persons, crew apart, and has a cruising speed of 441 ktas, nearly 800 kilometers per hour .

This Cessna, however, is far from the world’s most expensive aircraft. This belongs to a member of the Saudi royal house Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud. His plane, an Airbus A380, costs 500 million dollars. Its high price responds to the high level of customization of the aircraft, which has parking for two cars, a stable and a rotating prayer room.